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Hey Verizon, Can You Hear Us Now? Pay Your Taxes.

Verizon made $12 billion in profits last year, but has paid $0 in taxes for two years now[1]. However, they did spend $34 million on lobbying.

What's wrong with this picture?

Verizon VS. Job Corps, HUD

Tax cheating has real costs. If Verizon paid their fair share of taxes, we could ‘uncut’ $4 billion in job training and construction programs (Job Corps & GSA).

Verizon is part of the problem - Let them know it. Those who don’t have a Bank of America branch nearby, head out to your nearest Verizon wireless store and peaceably but firmly protest. Let them know that they can't get away with such immoral tax-cheating.

Some signage for Verizon actions

Check out our action materials for signs, chants, songs, speeches, action ideas, and more.

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