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BP dodged $9.9 billion in US taxes for “losses” in the Gulf – meaning the millions of barrels of oil they spilled into OUR Gulf. That’s enough to fund the EPA for the entire year.

So, not only did they spoil our beaches and make us pay to clean it up, they also refuse to pay their fair share for the damage they’ve done. It’s time for BP to pay for restoring the Gulf Coast and communities.

When BP fails to pay its fair share, Americans are forced to live with unclean air, land, and water.

If they are going to ruin our beaches, and we can no longer take our families to beach parties there, then perhaps the time has come to take our “party” to them on their corporate storefronts. If you fly the flag of this corporate tax dodging polluter, then expect visitors this Wednesday, April 20th.

Visit to start your own action and post them to the actions list as well.

Video from our April 17th event

Here's a sign and a flier you can use:

More signs in the signs page


  • Beach balls (example)
  • Palm trees (example)
  • Beach chairs
  • Drums, noisemakers, boomboxes
  • Tropical shirts / bathing suit
  • Printed posters
  • Hand-made posters
  • Flyers


  • Make polluters pay - not the EPA
  • Ho ho, hey hey, big polluters have to pay
  • BP must pay
  • Whose beach? Our beach!
  • You caused the oil spill, now pay your tax bill
  • You cheat, you lie, you pollute our waters and our sky
  • Ain’t no power like the power of the sun, cause the power of the sun don’t stop
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