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Please support US Uncut by supporting our infrastructure partner, The Other 98%.

Click here to donate to Other 98% on behalf of US Uncut

Your tax-deductible donation to The Other 98% will enable US Uncut to continue fighting hard and smart to reverse devastating public service cuts, and make corporate tax dodgers pay their fair share.

While US Uncut remains an action-oriented movement, we recognize that an infrastructure, even one as lean and mean as ours, requires financial support. The Other 98% has been responsible for the bulk of this type of development to date, from graphic design and website maintenance to research and professional media outreach. The Other 98% is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies - Program on Inequality, a tax exempt 501c3 organization. Donations to The Other 98% will make US Uncut's work possible.

We encourage you to donate by clicking here.

US Uncut remains a truly grassroots effort, one that doesn't even have a bank account. When a partner like The Other 98% steps up and is willing to pay for urgent movement needs, it's only right of us to recognize them, and give you the opportunity to help them continue that support.

Thank you for donating, and thank you for making this movement real.

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