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For starters, we suggest you read Johann Hari's ten-step guide to launching US Uncut. And check out UK Uncut's short video on how to make your action fun and unique. They're both incredibly useful and insightful!

(Taken from The Nation's blog post Meet US Uncut by Allison Kilkenny, Feb. 25, 2011)

Q: What is US Uncut?

A: US Uncut is an anti–tax dodging movement. According to the group, they are “about taking action against unnecessary and unfair cuts to public services across the US.” They believe the country isn’t broke, but rather the elite and wealthy are permitted to play by a different set of rules that permits them to shelter their revenue in foreign tax havens and skirt other taxes.

Q: Why all the Bank of America hate?

A: In 2009, Bank of America didn’t pay a single cent in federal income taxes. Other corporate offenders include Citigroup, Boeing, Exxon, Wells Fargo and General Electric. In fact, all kinds of massively wealthy corporations pay very little, or no, taxes at all. Additionally, Bank of America received $20 billion in TARP cash AKA taxpayer money, which is why US Uncut views BoA’s relationship with citizens as being parasitic. The giant bank sucks taxpayers dry, but then refuses to contribute back to the society that facilitated its lavish profits.

Q: Doesn't the United States have a very high corporate tax rate already?

A: Conservatives often cite the fact that America's corporate tax rate is 35 percent, making it higher than the average of other industrial countries. However, this doesn't take into account tax-evading practices. The S&P; 500 is home to 115 companies that received more in credits than they pay out.

Q: Is there a US Uncut chapter by me?

A: Find out at the official website:

Q: Who is the leader?

A: The structure of the group is similar to the hacking group Anonymous in that there isn’t clear-cut leadership. Each branch of US Uncut does its own thing, though they adopt similar themes (targets, slogans, signs, etc.)

Q: What do they hope to accomplish?

A: We want to reframe the national debate about how to deal with this recession: Instead of saying 'what can we cut from the budget because we can't possibly raise taxes on anyone,' why don't we make the two-thirds of corporations that don't pay any income taxes pay their fair share? If we did, the U.S. Treasury would recoup $100 billion a year, a trillion dollars in a decade.

Q: Is this, in any way, related to circumcision?

A: No.
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