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Uncut 2.0- Taking the fight back to corporate tax dodgers

Posted on Fri Jan 6th 2012, 9:22pm UTC

Happy new year, Uncutters! 2011 was the year we stood up and fought back. And with your help, 2012 can be the year we win.

After heavy involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement, We're re-booting US Uncut this month, and putting out a call to action against corporate tax dodgers on the week of January 23rd, two weeks from now.

Our target? Corporations that paid their lobbyists more than they paid in federal taxes. There's 29 to choose from, courtesy of this list from Citizens for Tax Justice. Some of the most egregious offenders are already on our targets list, like Verizon, FedEx and GE.

And there's more good news-- a bevy of community organizations and coalitions in over a dozen major US cities will also be fighting corporate tax dodgers this Winter and Spring with creative direct actions! These are talented, passionate activists, consisting of every facet of the 99%-- organized labor, unemployed and underemployed workers, interfaith groups and clergy, the uninsured, and others.

Team up with these folks for reinforcements if you live in their cities, and visit their websites if you'd like to see past results of their actions in protest of corporate greed, congressional corruption, rallying for jobs, not cuts. Several of these coalitions have already expressed interest in working with Uncutters in their cities in taking the fight to the doors of corporate tax dodgers.

Stand Up! Chicago
-Chicago, IL

Fight For Philly
-Philadelphia, PA

One Miami Now
-Miami, FL

Good Jobs LA
-Los Angeles, CA

United NY
-New York, NY

Working Washington
-Seattle, WA

Good Jobs=Great Houston
-Houston, TX

Wisconsin Jobs Now
-Madison/Milwaukee, WI

We Are Oregon
-Portland, OR

Mass Uniting
-Boston, MA

Our DC
-Washington, DC

We Are Ohio
-Columbus, OH

Good Jobs Better Baltimore
-Baltimore, MD

And of course, you can connect with your local #Occupy groups through the Occupy Together network for more reinforcements. For help and input on ideas for creative actions, hit up our friends at the Backbone Campaign in Seattle/Vashon Island!

(If you'd like some help connecting your Uncut groups with any of these organizations, send an email to [email protected] for details)

It's going to be a great year for the movement-- US Uncut is even being featured in a documentary called We're Not Broke, premiering at the Sundance film festival later this month!

France Uncut is helping us bring in the new year with their day of action on January 14, fresh off of their amazing showing at the G20.

And UK Uncut, our original inspiration, continues to influence the public dialogue against David Cameron's austerity programs with their anti-tax dodger actions.

Let's make 2012 even more memorable than last year, and do it across the globe!

See you in the streets,

[email protected]
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