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One Bad Apple

Posted on Mon Jun 6th 2011, 1:04am UTC

Hey, US Uncut brothers and sisters!

iHate tax cheats, don't you?

As America discovered this past Saturday, it only takes one bad Apple to spur fun, creative actions in cities across the USA against tax cheats.

We also learned that while Apple refused to comment directly to our protest or respond to numerous inquiries from the press, they did manage to have plenty of barrel-chested, muscle-bound security guards at their stores waiting for us to show up. But that certainly didn't deter US Uncut from getting our point across! Here are some highlights from our most recent national day of action, from coast to coast-

Madison, Wisconsin

The Apple action in Madison, Wisconsin was 50+ strong and got some local media coverage, to boot. This is what Democracy looks like!

Washington, DC

US Uncut DC rocked out with an awesome dance-in protest at their Apple store, to the tune of a parody song called "When Are You Gonna Outlaw Tax Dodging," (composed by Jaime and Erin of US Uncut NYC) which sounds a lot like a song Apple used to promote the iPod.

The incredulous reactions in the video, of both Apple employees and customers alike, are absolutely priceless. Here are some choice lyrics from Jaime's Apple protest song:

"1, 2, 3,
take my hand and come with me
'cause i've got a li'l plan
save us billions in the end

yeah, i've got a little plan
fill our pockets to the brim

4, 5, 6,
go on, call accountants
cause they don't need our money
when we're bailed out with theirs, do ya honey..."

...And according to Uncutter Brian, a local restaurant owner saw the whole thing go down, and offered all of the protesters a free meal and a beer, saying it was the least he could do for anyone willing to stand up to these corporations not paying their fair share. Props to you, restuarant owner! More DC pics and video to come.

Boston, MA

In Boston, Uncutters Chris, Chuck and the rest of their ragtag crew, clad in blue Apple shirts no less, caused some ruckus at their local Apple store before getting thrown out by police. Then they continued their action outside and let their fellow Bostonians know about Apple's plan to rook them out of $4 billion. Love the iPhone, hate the tax cheat!

Monterey, CA

It was a rainy day in California, but US Uncut Monterey was tougher than the weather! After getting their message across to passers by on the street, Uncutters went inside the store with signs, yelling "I pay, you pay, why doesn't Apple pay?"

San Francisco, CA

Rain didn't deter Uncutters in San Francisco, who showed up with several banners complete with alternative Apple slogans. Even the kids managed to come out on a rainy Summer day and dance against tax cheats, to the tune of "ABC" by the Jackson Five! The lyrics were a little different, though-

"ABC... 123... Apple's cheatin' you and me, now!"

Chicago, IL

In Chicago, Uncutter Dorothy, a few friends, and a banner that proclaimed "iTax Cheat" were seen by thousands of people at Apple's flagship store in the Windy City. The Apple employees reportedly moved all of their customers to another side of the store when they faced the banner toward the store windows. iPay. uPay. Why doesn't Apple pay?

It was rainy, security and cops were everywhere, but we still came out and made our voices heard and protested some tax cheats. Apple is lobbying for a $4 billion tax holiday, and 90,000 teachers who could use that money thank all of you for what you did.

Keep fighting the good fight, y'all. We're barely three months old and have already made a huge impact. We won't go away. In fact, we're just getting started.


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