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August 25: Millionaires & Magic Dollars Block Party!

Posted on Sat Aug 4th 2012, 12:37am UTC

Hey Uncutters,

Plans have changed- our August 4th call to action- Prick the Bubble- is now August 25th. Some of the brave organizers who did want to have block parties at the homes of CEOs on August 4th were understandably worried about the possibility of arrest, and if there were funds available for legal assistance. Sadly, there aren't. And while doing something fun and creative to make a point is effective, a few good people spending a night in jail is not.

So, now we're targeting members of Congress. The plan is to dress as millionaires, and have a party outside the home address, district office or campaign office of any current member of Congress who voted this week to keep taxes low for millionaires at the cost of our schools, healthcare, roads, bridges, seaports, food inspection, and everything else that will get cut after another $700 billion giveaway to the richest 2%.

For those who missed it, Congress voted down a bill that would keep taxes low for poor and middle class folks while ending the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest 2% this past Wednesday. They then voted to extend tax cuts for millionaires for another year. These Congressmen talk about how "fiscally responsible" they are while they vote to cut millions of public sector jobs, all while adding $700 billion more to the debt in order to prevent their rich friends from having to pay an extra 3.5% in federal income tax starting in 2013. You can find a complete list here. If your member of Congress voted YES, whether they be Republican or Democrat, they're fair game for a block party on Saturday, August 28th.

Just to recap:

What: Millionaires & Magic Dollars Block Parties
Where: Your member of Congress' home address/campaign office/district office
When: Saturday, August 25
Time: Up to you!

Stay tuned to our website for regular tips on how to make your block party one for the ages.

See you in the streets,

[email protected]
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