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Materials For Actions

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Here is a fact sheet (pdf) with sources (doc) provided by US Uncut DC.
Here are some talking points (doc).

Press Releases

We have created a boilerplate press release template (doc) you can modify and use in your own actions.

In addition you can go to the press page to download and print out the latest national press releases to hand to the media.


Here are several leaflets that are ready to print and hand-out:


Check out the signs page for more

In addition, if you have any sign / slogan ideas, please post them to this google document.



  • Corporate taxes must be paid, people's lives are not for trade!
  • Don't cut teachers, don't cut cops. Collect the taxes from the top!
  • Cut from the top! Not from mom an pop!
  • They say cut back, we say fight back!
  • Whose crisis? Their crisis!
  • You cheat, you lie – you ain’t got no alibi – you’re GUILTY (what, what) you’re GUILTY
  • America, America, where's your guts? Stand up to the dirty cuts!

Bank of America

  • Bank of America, Bad for America!
  • Bank of America – Bankrupts America
  • B-O-A – Time to Pay
  • Status quo – got to go
  • I pay, you pay, why doesn't B of A?!

Download this ready-to-print chant sheet. (coming soon)

Have chant ideas? Add yours to this google document and post them to Facebook!


Here are songs you can sing at your action:

If you have any other songs or poetry ideas please, post them to this Google document.


Here are some speeches other Uncutters have given on street corners. Cannibalize them to make your own:

Actions -- Roll Your Own

Be creative. Think up your own actions. YOU ARE US Uncut.

Action Ideas

Here are some action ideas you can try out in your community:

Actions -- Pre-Rolled for You

Here are some actions that have been battle tested in the field by other uncutters. They've written up a how-to. And included downloadable files for all needed props and visuals. Try out in your community, and add your own flair:

Have action idea ideas? Add yours to this google doc and post them to Facebook.

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