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Madison, WI
Sat Mar 26th 2011

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Added on Tue Mar 1st 2011, 2:52pm UTC — last updated Fri Mar 25th 2011, 2:01pm UTC

Meetup Location: Library Mall

Meetup Time: 4:00PM on the dot. Please arrive promptly as we will be discussing the action and other important information.

Departure Time to Protest Location: 4:20 PM (sharp). Please make sure you make it to the meetup location by 4. Once we all congregate at the meetup location, we will walk to the Verizon store on University Ave. (one block away).

Theme: Citizen Tax Hearing

Details will follow at the meetup, but this mock hearing will give the people of Wisconsin an opportunity to air their grievances about Verizon’s tax dodging and how it leads to harsh budget cuts that affect us all.

Between 2009 and 2010, Verizon reported $24 billion in income, but paid $0 in federal corporate income taxes. According to Forbes Magazine, “Verizon’s low tax rate is due to its $42 billion wireless joint venture with Vodafone, which draws off much of Verizon’s income.” According to UK Uncut, “For the last ten years Vodafone have been fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying the UK government around £6bn in tax.” Verizon did, however, manage to find $34 million to spend on lobbying for special tax loopholes.

Let’s make Verizon and all corporate tax cheats pay their fair share and stop attacking Wisconsin’s working families with cruel and unnecessary budget cuts. If Verizon simply paid their fair share like the rest of us, Scott Walker’s budget cuts would not be necessary. Join us and be prepared to tell Verizon how Scott Walker’s budget hurts you and your family.

Important Information

• This is a non-violent, non-destructive demonstration. It is also supposed to be light-hearted, fun, and creative. We will not verbally or physically confront any employees or customers.

• If there are security guards, police, or employees blocking the entrance to the location, we will not enter the location and instead protest outside.

• We will not comply with requests from employees to exit the location. However, we will comply with any requests from law enforcement.

• The support group outside of the location will have a banner, signs, posters, etc. This group will hand out flyers, sing and chant, etc. This group will not block free access to the location doors and will not block free pedestrian access to the sidewalk.

• Each person must determine the level of her or his involvement and participation. There are risks involved with participation in either the action or support group. We have no leaders, no structure, no support lawyers, and no network to get bail money if you are arrested. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, and what, if any, consequences these might entail.

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