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Sun Apr 17th 2011

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Added on Wed Apr 6th 2011, 2:32pm UTC — last updated Fri Apr 15th 2011, 6:05pm UTC

Time: 12:30 PM Meet Up
Location: The Old Water Tower, 806 North Michigan Avenue

Accessible by CTA:
1 Block East CTA Bus #66 Chicago and Rush
3 Blocks East CTA Train Red Line Stop - Chicago

Nearby Parking:

Attire: Dress as your favorite CEO or Billionaire. Get the suits and ties out of the mothballs, drag yourself over to the nearest ValuThrift, Goodwill or Amvets for some swanky duds. Ladies, think corporate suits or swanky dresses, tiaras and gloves not out of the question! If you've got a designer shopping bag laying around, carry it along to cart some literature. Find your favorite rich chick or Corporate Maven and have fun! Gentlemen, don that biz attire, tux, or go all money-lustful banker.
Just do an image search on Billionaires for Bush for ideas!

Signage: We'll be providing five large double sided signs with messaging thanking the little people for paying their fair share of US income tax - so we don't have to! Each sign will be complete with a logo from Bernie Sanders Top 10 Tax Cheats.

You are of course, welcome to create your own sign. Ideas?
"Taxes are for poor people."
"My accountant works hard and pays taxes - so I don't have to."
"Corporations are people, too!"
"Tax Wages, Not Wealth"
"It's a Class War - And We're Winning!"

Or, just riff on any one of the top 10 corporate tax cheat advertising slogans.

Handouts: We've got em! If you can print up some to bring, terrific! Email me at dorothy @ usuncut chicago dot org, and I'll send them off to you.

Route: We'll be strolling down Michigan Avenue, across the river and down to Millennium Park. It's just a little over a mile, but we'll probably be stopping for photo ops along the way. All in all, the walk should take an hour and we can spend another hour or two enjoying the passers by at the park, and maybe out front at the Art Institute.

Can you bring friends? ABSOLUTELY! But only if they're Billionaires or Corporate CEO's! The more the merrier.
It's going to be a really fun time, so let's get busy!

Meeting place Old Water Tower and Pumping Station
Time to meet 12:30PM
Contact details

[email protected]



Tax Dodgers on Parade - bring on the press!
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