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Tempe, AZ
Fri Apr 15th 2011

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Added on Mon Apr 4th 2011, 3:44pm UTC — last updated Mon Apr 4th 2011, 3:54pm UTC

Cooperative Progress: A Clean Effort & US Uncut Phoenix Present


Friday April 15th 2011


Join us in a civilized, peaceful demonstration at the Bank of America located at:

699 S. Mill, Suite #101

Tempe AZ 85281

B of A earned $4.4 billion in pretax income in 2009, yet paid $0 in federal income tax.

If they paid their fair share Congress would not need to cut $5.7 billion from the Pell Grant program. Or $1 billion from Head Start for early childhood education.

We will be meeting @ 4pm in the public parking on SE corner of E 7th St & Myrtle Ave.

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US Uncut Phoenix

Cooperative Progress: A Clean Effort



Tax Dodger's Clearing House!

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