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San Francisco
Fri Apr 15th 2011

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Added on Sun Apr 3rd 2011, 5:59am UTC — last updated Mon Apr 11th 2011, 5:07am UTC

4/15/2011; 5pm; St. Mary's Square park, financial district of San Francisco, CA

Come out and make some noise with US Uncut and Brass Liberation Orchestra on Tax Day Weekend! Let's tell corporate tax dodgers (who avoid up to $100 Billion in taxes every year) that we're not going to stand for these budget cuts. They caused this crisis, now THEY need to PAY UP!

Details of Action:

Location: meet at St. Mary's Square park - Quincy St. (just north of Grant Ave.) b/n California & Pine St. in SF. We'll be visiting infamous tax dodgers in this neighborhood

Time: 5pm - let's show the rush hour crowd how Uncutters like to make noise!

Who: All ages show - Bring friends, neighbors, grandparents, teachers, union workers, students, and all others who want to demand a halt to these cuts in the name of a fair and just society where the right to work, education and the health of citizens are valued over profits.

Bring: US Uncut posters; leaflets about US Uncut objectives (some will be available, but please make more if you can; Visit: for images and messages to print)

This will be a 100% peaceful protest to raise awareness and stand united against corporate tax dodgers and corruption. We encourage everyone to get involved, tell a friend and spread the word! Let's show the world that the people of San Francisco, from all walks of life stand together!

See you Friday!

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In Solidarity, US Uncut San Francisco team

Contact details!/USUncutSanFrancisco

or [email protected]



US Uncut "Pay Up!" Flashmob at Bank of America 4/15/11 Action Report

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