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New York, NY
Tue Mar 8th 2011

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Added on Mon Mar 7th 2011, 2:59am UTC — last updated Mon Mar 7th 2011, 3:06am UTC

Tax Dodger Conference @ Bank of America 2011 Investor Conference

Do you want to know how to pay $0 in taxes this year? Take a lesson from the best - Bank of America.

BoA payed a grand total of zilch in taxes on its 2009 earned income of $4.4 billion (See

Despite around $45 billion dollars in taxpayer-funded bail-outs, BoA is still struggling to win over weary investors. According to the Charlotte... Observer, "At the conference, Moynihan and his management team, now in place for more than a year, will get a chance to provide more details on their efforts and attempt to persuade investors they’re on the right track."

If you can't beat em, join 'em! When it comes to evading one's civic responsibility to support social services, BoA does it best. So we'll be set up outside of the Bank of America 2011 Investor Conference helping you get the INSIDER ADVICE you need to ensure that you never have to support those pesky, over-payed firefighters, police officers, and teachers who hold up society.

Don't bother bringing your income tax forms... all you'll need is your team of lobbyists!

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Ryan Clayton 202-656-2116,
Justin Wedes 248-430-7851,



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